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Real People Caring In Your Community.

Angels Nursing and Homecare are one of the largest in southern Spain. 

We offer care and support to British and International expatriates living in Spain. We pride ourselves on privacy, dignity and respect, while understanding and supporting your personal needs. 
With a network of British, Spanish and International registered Nurse & Carers we can offer you help with:

Pre & Post-Operative Care

Respite Care

Palliative Care

Medication Administration

Home Help

Live In Care

Medication Advice

Dressing Changes

Frequently Asked Questions

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How Do I Know the Angels Nursing & Homecare Is For Me ?

We are a fully registered medical company under Spanish law and are regulated in what we do and how we do it. We have been caring and supporting for people for over 7 years and have built up a large network of healthcare and medical professionals that add to the wealth of knowledge and experience and are available to you at any time. Our experiences are invaluable in times of need and most importantly, the safe wellbeing or care of you or a loved one.

What Are The Advantages of Using Angels Nursing & Homecare ?

The Angels nursing and homecare team are trained and skilled professionals with years of experience of nursing and homecare gained from all over the world, which enables us to create and implement care packages that suit your every need. They are tailor made and coordinated with you and your family

Why We Care ?

Our goal is to provide you with a better quality of life and wellbeing. We want to give you a support structure that you can turn to at anytime, to enable you to be as independent as possible and allow you to continue to live in Spain, with as much or as little support as you require. We want to support you and give you the confidence to enjoy life and share your happiness with us. Sharing these experiences with our clients is rewarding as we believe that caring for you is a privilege and we take it very seriously. Angels nursing and homecare is all about you.


We are passionate about our job and the people under our care. We realise how hard it can be for you and your loved one's and want to give you peace of mind, and the Best Possible Care at all times. Keeping you safe and protected whenever you need us.
Pre & Post-operative Care
Palliative Care
Respite Care
Assist with meal planning and food preparation
Dressing Changes
Medication administration
Assist with meals..
Light housework.

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